Thursday, August 6, 2009

Restaurant Frustrations

In a fit of dread, I got my sister to call around restaurants to book for my birthday dinner tonight. I couldn't face the constant 'vegetarian AND gluten free?? nothing', or 'we have a green salad' that I inevitably get. Luckily because it's my birthday I got to delegate the booking responsibility, yet I still found the process stressful. Marika reported the results back to me as the following:

No. 1 Upland Rd - No.

Plate - No. (Though maybe a salad.)

Herd St. - Answer machine.

La Belle Histoire - Nothing on menu, but kitchen staff suggested chef should be able to do something. (Chef wasn't in yet.)

I finally got her to call one of the few places in the Entertainment Book who had some items marked as either (v) or (gf), so I thought they may be able to do something that was both!:

One80 (Copthorne Hotel) - Yes! Summary of options was: Starters - olive thing. Entrée/Main - stuffed mushroom or risotto ball. Dessert - crème brulée. So we've booked. This was the priciest of our options (and the one review I've read said excellent service, average food), but hopefully everything will work out okay!

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