Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cheese Toasties and Birthday Tulips

One day last weekend I was not feeling much like cooking, and I happened to have some bread leftover from a Birthday lunch at my grandmother's. She was serving soup, and as I knew she usually served up hot crusty bread, I baked a gluten-free loaf to bring along as well.

I used Bakel's multi seed bread mix, which I wrote about in this post. We were a little late to lunch, as even though I had the temperature a bit higher, it still took longer to bake than it was supposed to! Oh well.

Flowers and Cheese Toasties
Cheese Toasties, plus flowers!
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I grilled one side of each piece, then turned them over, topping one with 'Festive Relish', one with Tamarillo Chutney, and one with jalapenos. I added a couple of slices of parmesan (it's all we had, but was a good choice because it gave good flavour without too much cheese), and grilled until bubbly and ready.

Here's a closer look at the toasties, in case you're not already hungry enough:

Grilled Cheese
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And a closer look at the tulips. My grandmother gave these to me for my birthday (along with a couple of other very thoughtful gifts - I felt very spoilt).

Tulips on the table
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This is them a couple of days later, it was such a simple joy watching them open, and seeing them each time I passed the dining table.

Tulips, closer
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Aren't they pretty?

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