Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cookbook Case Study - Food Legends of the World

The third book I have chosen to review is 'Food Legends of the World: Traditional Tales with Recipes of Today', by Linda Bremford. More information on this book can be found at this address.

I bought the book from a local craft market, directly from the author. A storyteller by trade, the author tells the legends of 25 ingredients, following each one with a recipe. I loved this concept and was tempted to buy the book.

While not all the recipes are suitable for my diet, I was able to choose some recipes that I could play with. My choices were:

Potato Pepper Bake
Tomato chilli with marinated mozzarella
Beans tijuana
Maple syrup, ginger, and rum ice cream
Egg and milk in a baked ice cream dessert

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