Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winter Smoothie

This is not so much a recipe as an idea I had that I thought might be crazy until I tried it. While I like smoothies for a quick weekend breakfast, on some of these cold winter days they don't really do much to warm me up.

I thought to myself - why can't I make a hot smoothie? There's no reason banana shouldn't be warm, or chocolate, or milk... so why not try?

Try it I did:


1 cup rice milk
2 bananas
1 tablespoon mexican hot chocolate mix


Heat rice milk for 2 minutes in microwave.
Place bananas and chocolate in blender.
Add heated rice ilk to blender.
Drink while warm.

The result was a warm (but not hot) smoothie. Just enough that it felt warm to my mouth and hands, though the bit at the bottom of the class was cool (I hadn't preheated the glass). The smoothie had a bit more foam at the top than is usual for rice milk and banana. The chilli in the chocolate added some extra heat of another kind.

Caution: Use your own discretion on how much to heat the milk! I'm sure there's a warning on my blender somewhere that says "do not blend hot liquid", but I'm a rebel like that. My blender's glass and fairly sturdy, but I take no responsibility for exploding blenders or whatever may happen if you tried to blend boiling liquid!


  1. I've frequently blended hottish soup in a blender before with no problems. Maybe use hot water to warm it up first. (I'm assuming the worry is that thermal shock will cause the glass to crack.)

  2. I've done the same with soup. I'm not sure I was thinking of thermal shock so much as vigorous agitation of something already very hot - I can imagine it being a problem with no established basis for why that might be a problem!