Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Homemade Chocolate Syrup from Small Notebook

I came across this recipe for homemade chocolate syrup on Rachel's Small Notebook blog, one of my favourite home management blogs in the 'lifestyle' section of my Google Reader.

Making a recipe within hours of stumbling across if is some kind of record for me - I have hundreds of delicious recipes bookmarked that I never quite get around to making! In fact, the main reason I made this so soon is that I was waiting for Neil to get home with the groceries I needed in order to make the bread and cookies I had planned to. I guess he was working a few more hours than expected - I hope coming home to fresh chocolate syrup made up for that a wee bit! The other reason I could make this syrup, of course, was that it is incredibly simple and uses only ingredients we always have!

I won't repost the recipe - you can find it here, and at the same time check out one of my current sources of inspiration for trying to get my life tidy and together!

I might have splashed a little too much vanilla essence in there (Measuring spoons? Psh! - actually, mine were in the dishwasher...), but the syrup is still tasty as. I poured it into an old tomato passata jar, not exactly as fancy as Rachel did it, but functional. (My original idea, an old gin bottle, would be too small to hold two cups of syrup.)

Not Passata
Chocolate Syrup in Passata Jar
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