Friday, July 10, 2009

Deconstructed Tacos

Deconstructed Tacos
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A few days ago, my quick, throw-together meal was tacos (deconstructed). When you break the tacos in half and serve them with all the 'fillings' on one big plate, you get around the issue of filling falling out the edges as you bite down.

I have to admit, that the end result is not much tidier than normal tacos, but scooping up beans and vegetables with half a taco shell is just as fun.

Here, my taco has chilli beans (from a can!), grated cheese and carrot, tomato, and lettuce that's too frilly for tacos really. After I took the picture I piled a whole of of extra tomato (chopped into chunks rather than sliced) on top, and threw extra lettuce and carrot into a bowl.


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