Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Recipe Rescue: Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake Crumble

Not wanting to waste the lemon and poppy seed fail cake, I thought of options for rescuing the cake. Due to the incredibly crumbly nature of the cake, I thought that it would make a suitable crumble topping - with the addition of a bunch of sugar, that is.

I made an apple and rhubarb crumble with repurposed lemon and poppy seed cake topping.

I bake crumbles in individual serves. It takes no extra effort (except for the dishes-doer; but that's not me!), it makes it easier to control portion sizes (it's SO easy to grab a second helping from a large crumble...), and it's really quite satisfying to eat a crumble straight out of the oven dish (wrapped in a tea towel to avoid burnination).

Crumble - The Inside
Apple and rhubarb in single-serve baking dishes
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For each serve of crumble, I used a slice of cake about an inch thick, and an abundantly heaped dessert spoon on brown sugar. The cake contained almonds and plenty of lemony flavour, so I didn't think any additional spices were required.

Crumble - Repurposed Topping
Cake and sugar
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The crumble came out darker than usual after 15 minutes. It makes sense, considering the topping was already cooked, and the amount of sugar I added.

Crumble - Dark
Darkly done crumble topping
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It was tasty, though. Very very good. There was certainly a lot more sugar than required, so for the individual serves I made up for the freezer, I used about half as much sugar. However, there were no complaints, from myself or Neil. The topping was good and crispy, too. I'd never had a lemon flavoured crumble topping before, and it was divine.

Crumble - The Inside (II)
This picture makes me drool
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I'd even consider making the cake again just for the crumble topping it makes! (Though, regular crumble topping is easier - so perhaps I'd be better working on a crumble mix that isn't a cake first!)

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